Downtown Avenue is a Ugandan podcast hosted by Waiswa Batambuze and Naava Gladys. After the first seasons, they decided to launch the second season with

Whether it’s the dead-end for your project or just a lazy morning, Downtown Avenue can give you a dose of inspiration and let you learn something new about various business skills.

After the first season, they took some time off to reevaluate the vision and purpose of Downtown Avenue (this explains why they went silent for a while). 

“We realised that most Ugandan businesses face high failure rates, most of them barely making it through their first year of operation.” Naava said

“This compelled us to create a platform that provides valuable business tools and resources to help you entrepreneur reading this right now to sustain and run a successful business by launching“ Batambuze added 

The platform has now made it for entrepreneurs to write a business plan. We all know that every business needs a business plan for clarity and proper planning. Downtown Avenue has a business plan workbook for you that has been simplified to help you validate your idea, understand the scope of your business, develop goals you can measure your efforts and results against, as well as determine the amount of money, time and resources you need to start and sustain your business. Download pdf here

Any Ugandan entrepreneur looking for resourceful information to start and build a successful business should always Join Batambuze  and Gladys  as they sit down with the country’s leading entrepreneurs to inspire, equip and ignite the entrepreneur in you.

Whether we’re commuting to work, taking a lunch break or just looking to relax before bed, podcasts have become a best friend to many of us. It’s easy to see why. In recent years there has been an explosion of quality podcasts on nearly any topic you can think of.

Podcasts fit well with our busy lives. They’re portable and easy to access at a moment’s notice; all it takes is a set of earbuds and a device with internet access. They also create a feeling of connection between the listener and the host. The intimacy of audio makes us feel like we’re part of a cozy conversation, we get to listen like we’re the only ones in the room.

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