Infinix Mobility through Infinix Uganda will be launching a new flagship this week. The yet to be launched device is in the Infinix’s NOTE Series. This brand’s flagship model is targeting the mid-to-high end market segment.

The new NOTE8 is rumored to be powered by an upgraded processor that makes it incredibly fast and ensures that the phone provides a comprehensive strong and smooth all-round performance.

An insider at infinix said that “Infinix’s new flagship NOTE smartphone has been designed and developed with current and future everyday challenges in mind. Ensuring that its users can rely on it for extended periods while on the move.”

The new NOTE8 leaks reveal a high-performance MediaTek chipset as well as a massive battery with super long endurance. The rumored chipset is said to be able to power a smooth feeling, and uninterrupted experience supported by the new battery, ensuring that users don’t lose out on those all important business conversations and updates.

With the camera phone industry transforming in the recent years, Infinix keeps launching devices with high definition cameras as in the new NOTE 8, says a company insider. It is rumored that the 64M Ultra HD 6 Cameras slated for the phone will allow users to capture unbelievable details, with crystal clear clarity and lifelike beauty.

It is also rumored that that the NOTE 8 can deliver uncompromising results under low light conditions.

The upcoming phone is said to target users who want the better things in life, where a fast, reliable and uninterrupted mobile experience is something that is non-negotiable with easy access to things like email, office-related apps, and more, while working on the go.

The NOTE8 is also said to have a dual selfie camera housed on a 6.95” HD+ Dual Infinity O-Display screen with mega internal storage capacity of 128GB with a 6GB RAM backed a 5200mAh battery.

Stay tuned for updates as more will be revealed about the NOTE 8 features in its upcoming launch.

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