Digital insurance can drive down the cost of all forms of insurance because it increases transparency of data and analytics.

Abass is the founder and CEO of Griffin Insurance, Kenya’s first digital-only car insurance which lets customers pay in installments and pause coverage if they travel.

The first Smart car insurance in East Africa. The Griffin Motor App is redefining car insurance in Africa and offers a seamless experience that’s simpler, cheaper and more efficient through innovation.

Griffin released its flagship mobile application this year. It also lets customers pay in installments and pause coverage if they travel abroad. Griffin can process claims in a week rather than the industry standard of 30 days.

In addition to the app, Abass’ 14-person team has another company, Lami, that sells the technology platform used to build Griffin so other businesses can use it to create their own digital insurance products. Lami raised half a million dollars in seed funding and aims to close further funding round by March.

Her lightbulb moment came in 2016 at a restaurant when she learned her waiter didn’t have health insurance. Neither, she would later learn, did most Kenyans – health insurance coverage is about 19%, mostly under a low-cost government scheme, according to a 2018 paper in academic journal Health Systems and Reform. Digital insurance can drive down the cost of all forms of insurance because it increases transparency of data and analytics.

The Griffin brand was born with one bold objective, and that is to change how Car Insurance is delivered to customers. Over the years, the insurance industry has offered the same experience, the same services and the same expectation, without changing a single thing. We heard your stories about how you wish your car insurance was better, how you would want claim settlement faster, phone calls shorter and the policy details much clearer and transparent, but they let you down every time you needed them the most.

At Griffin, they have managed to get rid of traditional means of selling insurance. They have digitized the entire value chain so you have a seamless and improved experience. All this has been made possible through the Griffin car insurance App which uses the latest technologies to provide an easier, cheaper, faster and more efficient way of getting your car insurance.

At Griffin, their guiding principle is that trust is key in every relationship and as such, they try their best to be transparent. Here is their policy summary to better understand the scope of the comprehensive cover.

Period of your cover: Griffin allows you to choose your insurance period cover, this could be one month, a few months or an annual cover. The choice is yours.

Car Ownership: This policy is applicable to any car that belongs to you. If the car is not in your custody, it should be in the custody of a motor trader or a service provider like a garage.

What’s Covered:

a. They protect your car against damage or damage to its accessories and spare parts while in or on the vehicle. Please note if they settle your claim under this section, on a total loss basis, the damaged vehicle becomes their property.

b. They protect your car against forces beyond your control e.g. Theft, natural perils like floods.

c. In case of a road accident, towing services will be availed to you.

d. In case your car is written off, you will be compensated at the pre-accident value of your car. Pre- accident value means the value of your car before the accident.

e. In case of an accident, they will cater for your hospital bills and medical expenses. This extends to your authorised driver.

What’s Not Covered

a. They will not cover mechanical, electrical, wear and tear, depreciation or electronic breakdown, failures or breakages.

b. Consequential loss.

c. Damage caused from straining or overloading.

d. Damage to tyres unless damage is caused to other parts of the vehicle at the same time.

e. They will not cover theft of personalised items e.g. purses, wallets etc.

Third Parties: They will compensate you;

a. For all those who lost their lives, victims who sustained injuries, damages to other vehicles involved in the accident and any property that was damaged in the course of the accident e.g. a wall, a building etc.

b. They will cater for any consequences or legal complaints resulting from an accident raised against you or your authorized driver in a court of law.

c. They will not cover for the loss of life of your employees who happened to be in the car at the time of the accident during their working hours will not be compensated.

d. They will also not be liable for property damage belonging to either you, any member of your family or any other person who was in the car at the time of the accident.

Private Usage Clause

The Policy does not cover use for hire or reward, racing, pace-making reliability, competition, rallies or trials (or use for practice for any of them), speed testing, commercial travelling, the carriage of goods in connection with any trades or business for any purpose in connection with the Motor Trade. This policy caters only for Social, Domestic and Pleasure purposes and by the insured in person in connection with his business or profession including the carriage of goods in connection with such business or profession but excluding house-to- house retail distribution.

Excess Clause

The insured in respect of each and every event shall be responsible for the first amount payable as specified in the schedule of any expenditure for which provision is made under this policy. For the purpose of this Clause “event” shall mean an event or series of events arising out of one cause in connection with any one motor vehicle in respect of or in connection with which indemnity is granted under this policy.

One Last Thing

You must report to them any accident, injury, loss or damage involving your vehicle(s) as soon as is reasonably possible. The Emergency button and claims section of the App comes in handy here

The Insured shall be entitled to medical response and additional benefits as per this cover. In the event of a road accident, all benefits and facilities granted under the scheme, which is administered by an appointed Service Provider, for a period of one year during the currency of the policy.

I believe, your car insurance should be SMART, Simple, Mobile, Automated, Reliable and Transparent because with Griffin you expect.

Smart and Fast Emergency Response

Their dedicated team works 24/7 to assist customers in an emergency by using the latest technologies to deliver fast rescue in real-time.

Get a quote in seconds

Get to know your price in seconds, answer a few questions and you are good to go! No irrelevant questions, no paper work and no long phone calls!

 Super-fast claim settlement

With Griffin, it’s like a claim never happened. The team is continuously striving to beat records and settle claims as quickly as possible.

Everything is done on the App. Easy and Fast

There’s no need to call or drive to your insurance company and wait in line. From our App you can do everything and so much more including buying a policy, filing claims, finding repair shops and requesting an ambulance. Everything is a click away.

Pay less with a flexible cover that is tailored to your needs

Pick and adjust your period of cover. Choose short term or annual cover depending on your schedule and needs.

It’s time to make that move, choose Jihan Abass’s Griffin and Live Smart!!

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