MTN Uganda is adding more supu in their voice bundles this festive season. The telecom giant has today launched a dazzling voice bundle that’ll give customers freedom to make calls to both MTN customers and those on other networks, using the same voice bundle and at no additional cost. This is one of their efforts to enable their customers to make the most out of the season.

#MTNSupu More supu is a promotional offer that effects 6th November 2019 for a limited period that applies to MTN daily voice bundles. The promotion that’ll go by the theme “More supu in your MTN daily Voice Bundles”, is the first ever in Uganda that allows customers to call all networks.

MTN is giving between 6 ~60 minutes to call all networks at the same old price. The more supu promotion only applies to daily voice bundles.

Minutes can be used to call either mobile and fixed lines both on MTN and to other networks.

MTN is promoting this bundle under the hashtag #MTNSupu for More supu. These bundles range from between UGX 500~UGX 2,000.

 #MTNSupu rates

24 hours    500 5 1 6
   700 8 2 10
1,000 17 3 20
2,000 55 5 60

To get started on this MTNSupu voice bundle, dial *160*21#. MTN offers 6 minutes to 60 minutes in the range of UGX 500 to UGX 2000.

While commenting on the new More supu voice bundles, MTN Uganda Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte said, “For the first time ever, the cost of calling an MTN number is the same as that of calling other mobile networks in Uganda. Customers will still pay the same amount of money for their daily bundles, get the same number of minutes except that some minutes can now be used to make calls to numbers on other networks in Uganda”.

“In either instance, the minutes can be used to call both mobile and fixed numbers. Until now, MTN has offered customers competitive daily voice bundles designed to fit their budgets and communication needs. These further emphasize MTN’s intention of making communication more affordable.”

Win further added; “We are offering competitively priced voice bundles to our customers but are continuously looking for even more ways of giving more value to our customers. This offer demonstrates our efforts to continue being the network that gives more supu (more value) in our services.”

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