Africa’s biggest motorbike hailing company weeks ago announced it’s intentions to tap into food delivery. They have finally introduced the feature in their new app update. SafeBoda Food joins other players like Jumia Food, Simba Foods etc in the business.

Wednesday offer

Today in a campaign they are calling #GoLocal – they are offering free delivery on all orders. See more on the hashtag #GoLocal on Twitter.

In this venture they have partnered with local restaurants and food providers to provide all kinds of foods for customers.

The feature has been conceptualized to #GoLocal, where they have mostly connected with local food restaurants and street vendors. Therefore for now don’t expect to find Major food vendors like Java House, KFC etc on your list of restaurants.

Now from your favorite restaurant, you can now order a meal and have it delivered safely by a SafeBoda.

How to use the SafeBoda food feature

  1. Open the Safeboda app.
  2. Select the Food option
  3. Then click on the ORDER FOOD option.
  4. After, you will be shown with a list of restaurants as you can see below.
  5. After that, scroll through to choose from the existing food options. As you can see, the product is new and so far, mostly Street Vendors and Local restaurants are Safeboda’s existing food providers.
  6. Choose a restaurant/food vendor of your choice A
  7. the food option of your choice
  8. Selectother items of your choice, and add the item
  9. You will then be shown the total price of the product, which you can order thereafter.
  10. However once placed cannot be canceled.

However once order is placed cannot be canceled

SafeBoda intends to add more restaurants and food providers with time.

Who knows? Can SafeBoda’s dominance on the ride hailing market help it get a grip on the food delivery space?


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